Facebook causes envy, study says. What?

A recent study by two German Universities found that Facebook causes instant envy, depression, and frustration. What? It took the combined might of 2 universities, the famous German discipline, and long research into the wee hours of the morning to come up with something I knew already?

In my previous blog, (please note that it was 27 months ago, thus establishing my farsightedness), I vehemently opposed Facebook for three very simple reasons – it is for the weak-minded, for those who have nothing else to do, and those going through a mid-life crisis. Obviously, 1 billion people on the planet disagree with me. 

So shall we all just move on? And not waste anyone’s time with meaningless surveys and studies? I am positive that the German study is just one among countless undertaken by researchers and social scientists to analyze this, and other such social channels. Why can’t we just accept that Facebook is the new black. Tomorrow it might be LinkedIn. The day after might be Orkut again. Or not.

Are you going to ruin your life simply because your Facebook friend is on a 6-day vacation in Maui? Or because you found out that “geek” in school just invented a computer that Microsoft is interested in? Come on -we don’t need Facebook to make us feel bad. Don’t we already have countless reasons to make us feel guilty, depressed, and emotional? Let us not blame poor 28-year old billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg for it.

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