Stop Complaining. Here’s Four Reasons Why.

The goal isn’t to pretend everything is fine; it’s to stop wallowing in negativity. – “Making Sure Your Stress Isn’t Contagious” – Kristi Hedges

Untold suffering seldom is. – Franklin P. Jones

Show me a person who says he does not complain and I will show you a liar. Complaining is a universal trait. And calling it by any other name – venting, talking, discussing, bitching, explaining – does not change the very nature of complaining; an obsession to tell others what we feel. Again and again.

But, what’s wrong in telling people, especially our close friends and family, how we feel? What if they are interested in listening to me and my problems? Isn’t this why we are social creatures – to talk and share and learn from each other?

Ya right.

Let’s dive right into it. Here are four REAL reasons why you need to stop complaining today.

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