When the hunter shot You, were You sad, my Krishna, or were You glad?

From January 14th through the 19th, our family went on a pilgrimage to three divine places – Dwaraka, Somnath and Porbhander. The following image is that of Sree Krishna in Balka Mandir. Behind Him is the tree (still preserved, they say) under which He was sitting when Jara the hunter mistook His toe for the beak of a bird and shot Him. This incident was supposed to have happened on 18th February, 3012 BCE.

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Who am I, My Beloved Krishna?

Blue Krishna

Who am I, My Beloved Krishna? and other questions we ask when faced with doubt, fear, anxiety, and helplessness….

And what does the Lord reply?

Ma Shucha….Don’t Worry………







Who am I, My Beloved Krishna?

Who am I and why?

A human, a god, a speck of dust,

Or a creature born to die?

You are Mine, My Innocent Sakhi

You are my precious child

With a beautiful body and a divine soul

You carry my seed of life…

Who are you, My Magnificent Krishna?

Who are you, My Lord?

A dream, a belief, a myth

Or the God of all my Gods?

I am your constant companion and guide

In life’s journey of endless miles

Everything that is pure and divine

Is me, myself, and mine

What is the meaning of life, My Merciful Krishna,

What is the meaning of all this?

My life is full of ceaseless worries

With happiness just a fleeting kiss..

Money, power, near and dear, My Bewildered Sakhi,

Everything will vanish like mist

Embrace me into your heart

I’ll fill your life with bliss

How can I grin and bear it, My Splendid Krishna,

How can I watch and just bear it?

When people around me climb the ladder

Of success without merit?

Do your duty, My Dearest Sakhi,

Just do your duty daily

As to the success of your actions

Let me be the judge, the jury.

How can I worship you, My Darling Krishna

How can I worship you?

With my days filled with so much work,

And the hours so few?

With a flower, a leaf, my Confused Sakhi,

Even with a tiny drop of dew

A heartful moment of trusting prayer

Is all I ask of you.

Why do you love me, My Merciful Krishna,

Why do you love me true?

When all I have done is doubt and deny

Your splendid form so blue?

You are a part of me, My Inseparable Sakhi,

An honor that is allowed to few

And that is how you will always be

No matter what you say or do.

When will I see you, My Naughty Krishna,

I want to see you, but how?

My eyes smart with unshed tears

And sadness lines my brow…

I am inside you, My Impatient Sakhi

I am inside, right now..

You can see me in all my splendor when

You open your heart to My Love..

Take me with you, My Compassionate Krishna

Take me with you in a beat

So I can serve you with all my love

Lying at your Lotus Feet,

You are already with Me, My Divine Sakhi,

In your loving heart we meet

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever,

I am in your every heartbeat….

Source: His Words in the Bhagavad Gita

Inspiration: A glimpse of Udupi Krishna on December 26th

Dedicated to the Divine Krishna in all of us.

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