About me

I hate to admit it, but I did travel the road frequently travelled for nearly two decades in the world of IT, Business, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. I continue to do that but find my attention and interest veering off the beaten track. Book and travel reviews, spiritual texts and yoga are slowly taking over as mid-life crisis hits me! So stick around……this promises to be exciting.

However, if you do want to know what I have done or am doing, here is the conventional “curriculum vitae”.

Short bio about Revathi Krishna

With over two decades of experience in the IT, Business, Consulting and Entrepreneurship space, Revathi has delivered solutions to businesses including Universities, Automotive Suppliers, PR and Marketing Firms, IT Solutions, and Insurance. As an IT consultant, she has also been a preferred vendor to Fortune 500 clients like Charles Schwab, Conseco, Allison Transmissions and Eli Lilly.

From Programmer to Project Manager, to Consultant and Business Leader, her experience spans multiple roles and responsibilities which cut across different departments and teams. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate a common vision, clear understanding of the project goals and company direction, and execute it collaboratively.

Revathi is Director/Chief Content Officer at Suyati Technologies. As Chief Content Officer, her role is to create content solutions that stick. A passionate writer herself, her aim is to bring together the best of creative writers and creators, manage them through a scalable software solution, and offer great content for branding. She is also the Director/Founding member of Suyati Technologies which owns the Content Crossroads and the SoCXO brand.

A prolific writer and blogger with an undergraduate degree in English Language and a graduate degree in Business, Revathi is in charge of client engagement, marketing and implementing content solutions that ensures successful branding. When not browbeating her team to write blogs, she is crazily busy with one husband, two teenagers, and three brands.