Total and Complete Surrender

I surrender to Thee

My heart, my soul, my pride, my ego

What I have, what I don’t

My tears and my failures, my successes and my highs

All laid down at your Feet


I want to bow down before You

Grasp Your Lotus Feet and never let go

Clasp my hands tightly around Your Heels

So no arrow can touch You without piercing me


All I ask is that you let me lie

With my head on the floor

I will take care of Your bejeweled feet

Cleaning it carefully with my tears


And if my arrogance or my pride

Causes me to lift my head to glance at You

I ask that you lift Your feet as the dwarf king

And crush me into the ground where I belong


And once in a while

Just so I know Your mercy is there

Let an eager flower falling from Your garlands

To touch Your toes, land on my head first

Enroute to its blessed end



But I will ask this also (nothing more!)

A glance from the corner of Your eye

At my supine form, a glimmer of a smile

So I know that this is what You want

My total and complete surrender


My total and complete surrender

Of form, will, thought, emotion

Everything that You gave me

Everything that I self-taught

I beg You to wipe them all out


And what remains is truly You and Yours only…..

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