Who says I cannot touch Him?

Who says I cannot touch Him?

As the gentle breeze caresses me and the sun wakes up

As the roaring wave breaks down and swirls around my feet

As the soft petals of the lotus brushes my fingers

He touches me, and I touch Him.

Who says I cannot smell Him?

As the fragrance of the jasmine flowers greet my hair

As the ghee melts when I fry the cashewnuts for His Prasadam

As the fresh rain touches the grains of the sweltering sand

I smell His divine presence around me.


Who says I cannot Taste Him?

As I drink in the hint of firewood in the paysasam from the temple

As I grab a handful of the Tirupathi laddoo and chew it lovingly

As I sip the tulsi water after standing in line for hours

I taste the love He has for me.


Who says I cannot hear Him?

As the temple bell reverberates around my ears and calls His name

As Yesudas’s divine voice breaks the dawn at Guruvayur

As I exhale out slowly the Omkara mantra

I hear only about His Magnificence.


Who says I cannot sense Him?

As I hear about His antics in Gokul as a cowherd

As I cry out His name after a long day, wearied and tired

As I sing out His bhajans while cooking dinner

I sense His presence. He is undoubtedly besides me.


And if I can taste, touch, smell, hear and sense Him,

Do I need anything else?

Is there anything else?


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