Instead of he, she, them, these and those, why not Him?

Instead of falling into despair,

Why not fall at His Lotus Feet?

Instead of sinking into oblivion,

Why not sink into the Bhagavad Geet?

Instead of being mesmerized by earthly charms

Why not be mesmerized by His Smile?

Instead of being drowned in daily routine

Why not drown in His Mischievous Guile?

Instead of being captivated by worldly glitz,

Why not be captivated by His Glory?

Instead of rejoicing over trivial pleasures,

Why not rejoice in His Mercy?

Instead of blaming the world for our failures

Why not blame lack of our faith?

Instead of seeing enemies around us

Why not see Him as our Divine Mate?

Instead of paying accolades to our followers

Why not pay accolades to Him?

Instead of “liking” random posts

Why not double “like” Him?

Instead of jumping into conclusions,

Why not jump at His Whims?

And instead of calling our family and friends,

Please, please why not just call Him?

Instead of he, she, them, these, and those,

Why not focus only on Him?


He listens, He hears, He blesses, He loves

He understands and knows our mind

He showers, He guides, He mentors, He accepts

Each one of us, His Divine Child

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