If you want good customer service from Electrolux, be a man

Warning: This blog is part of my ‘Rant and Rave’ category and contains sarcasm, disappointment, anger, hurt to my ego, and sheer frustration in huge doses. Not to be read by idealists, optimists, and all those human beings who have never called a toll free number to complain to a ‘Customer Care’ (ha!) representative.

I sincerely hope this experience never happens to the worst of my enemies – the Communist Party of India included. Here goes..

Act 1, Scene 1 – March 23

It is more than 16 months since I forked over Rs 12000 towards a 2 year preventative maintenance contract to Electrolux authorized dealer in Kochi. Since the engineer’s phone on the contract was “not reachable”, I decided to call the 1800 number on the back of the contract.

Shock 1: The authorized dealer no longer deals with Electrolux products – so they gave me a new 1800 number.

Shock 2: The 1800 number did not make me wait more than 2 minutes. I was promised a service visit within 48 hours

Act 1, Scene 2 – March 24

I called and was politely told 48 hours not over. What was I thinking!

Act 1, Scene 3 – March 29

I was told that my problem has been escalated to the next level and prompt response will be forthcoming from the Electrolux customer care team.

Act 1, Scene 4 – March 30

Now I was fuming, and my voice indicated clear anger at being ignored. This time I insisted on speaking to the supervisor. “Sorry madam, he has left the office”. The time – 6 PM

Act 1, Scene 5 – March 31

Spoke to the local authorized dealer who mentioned that they will come without fail on April 2 to service all 3 air conditioners. Called Electrolux customer care – and asked to speak to the supervisor. “Sorry madam, he has not come in”. The time – 11 AM. Can I get a job as supervisor at Electrolux Customer care?

Act 1, Scene 6 – April 2

Waited all day for the local dealer to send his technician. Called Electrolux customer care and asked to speak to Supervisor. Finally spoke to him and he assured that the technician will visit. Called local dealer, and she mentioned that the technician is on his way

Act 1, Scene 7 – April 4

Called Electrolux local dealer and she apologized for the no-show – apparently both her technicians were involved in an accident. (Why am I not surprised?)

But the biggest shock was when I called Electrolux Customer care (1800 number) and they said my ticket was closed. Apparently the technician came to my house and did not find any Electrolux air conditioners.

By then I had only one hour to get to the airport for my vacation. Decided to let go. For the moment.

Act 2 – Scene 1 – April 12

Electrolux customer care and local dealer – but ‘Madam did not pick up her phone. We tried calling numerous times.’ This was after I had specifically told them that I would be out of the country and will be back only on the 11th.

Act 2 – Scene 2 – April 14

Spoke to the supervisor at Electrolux customer care and was promised that the technician would come next day. Since next day was a state holiday in Kerala, I asked if he was sure. He swore on his mother.

Act 2 – Scene 3 – April 16

No technician. No supervisor. The 1800 number no longer working. I called back on the number stored in my cell phone (long distance/STD) and was now told that this was the new number.

By now, my husband was tired of hearing me whine and complain about the lack of care in Electrolux customer care. He called the number, spoke in this dead calm voice that my kids recognize as the ‘calm before daddy dances his Shiva Thandavam dance voice’. I nodded off to sleep, but when I woke up an hour later, he had received a call from the supervisor’s supervisor, who again promised him the heaven. Or at least repair of our air conditioners.

As I watched in disbelief, 4 days later (after 3 more phone calls to the local dealer), the technician actually arrived, cleaned,repaired and left.

What can I say? Except, if you want good customer service from Electrolux, be a man.

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